Dear a cappella fans,

Astonishingly, this is the 20th time that the a cappella Festival of Vocal Music has been held! To celebrate this milestone in the history of what started out as a ‘birthday party with friends’, this time we’ve only invited familiar faces to participate. Friends who’ve been a source of joy and inspiration to us over the years – and that means you, our loyal audience, as well as ten unique vocal groups!

Between them, our guests have racked up a stack of awards including eight Grammys, not to mention nearly 300 years of performing experience. Above all, they excel with exceptional quality and great personality, and are all reasons why a cappella music is simply timeless.

Look forward to the classical qualities of the Belgian Huelgas Ensemble and Voces8 from the UK. Get ready for Norwegian folk with Trio Mediæval as well as the majesty of the legendary Chanticleer and The Swingles! Singer Pur and Viva Voce, two of the best German ensembles of their kinds, will be appearing, and there’ll also be a chance to see last year’s contest winners: WindSingers from Hungary and Aba Taano from Uganda. Immerse yourself even further in the world of vocal music at the workshops and lectures – and discover brand new faces at the 12th International a cappella Contest Leipzig.

Once again, a cappella champions diversity, boundless art, and the enormous joy of singing. Don’t miss it!