Dear audience, dear A CAPPELLA fans,

Look forward to a bunch of newcomers at the a cappella festival such as Bliss, the Humanophones, Vocal Six and New York Polyphony, as well as Congolese polyphonic singing by Ndima, a special concert featuring last year’s competition winners, the Octavians, and last but not least the King’s Singers, who’ll be honouring us with a performance in their golden jubilee year. What’s more, for the eleventh time, young ensembles will be competing for the coveted A CAPPELLA AWARD. All the participants can be enjoyed again in the A CAPPELLA Showcase, last year’s new addition to the programme. And make sure you don’t forget the many talks and concert introductions throughout the festival.

All the artists and those behind the scenes look forward to welcoming you – and so do we!



Whether contemplative or rocky, madrigalesque or entertaining, each performance is guaranteed to deliver a truly memorable experience.


So come and explore some unfamiliar sounds – and be bowled over by stunning vocal talents from near and far.


We’re sure you’ll love a cappella 2017!