Dear fans of vocal music and the a cappella festival,


We’d like to start off with a very big thank-you! The great encouragement received from a cappella fans and also the large number of last year’s ticketholders who were kind enough to donate their refunds have been a source of immense reassurance. In addition to the funding kindly provided by our loyal partners, the fantastic sum of about €20,000 raised in this way enabled us to not just keep the festival ticking over but to continue full-swing with preparations for 2021!


This year’s festival will take place from 30 April until 9 May with eight livestream concerts. Tickets will go on sale on 23 April here. They include supporter tickets as well as festival tickets valid for the whole festival. Even though we can’t present everything we’d like to owing to the pandemic, the festival will still be a loud, proud, diverse affair!


The main thing for us was to have as many ensembles as possible perform – on the one hand to be able to offer you a broad musical programme, and on the other hand to support the musicians themselves. We’re therefore delighted that in addition to us amarcords, the ensembles LaLeLu, German Gents and VOXID will be performing in the planned venues, while the Ringmasters from Sweden and Cantoría from Spain have agreed to stream their concerts from their home countries. We’re of course very sad that Ordinarius, Anúna and Musica Universalis won’t be able to join us in 2021 due to their international membership. Moreover, this year’s a cappella Contest will have to be cancelled as current circumstances make it impossible to prepare and judge the competition fairly. However, you can rest assured that all the groups who can’t make it this year have been scheduled to appear in 2022!


Apart from the evening streaming concerts, in 2021 there’ll also be a family concert on Sunday afternoon (which will be streamed for free) as well as a joint final concert by all those groups able to perform in Leipzig during the festival period. And there’ll also be a reprise of last year’s terrific live chat with Professor Michael Fuchs. Once again, he’ll be providing expert answers to your questions under the banner of ‘Everybody’s Talking about Corona: Singing and professional vocals in the Covid-19 era’. He’ll be assisted by Leipzig virologist and epidemiologist Dr Corinna Pietsch. Full details can be found under News and in the programme.


We hope very much that you’ll still derive a great deal of pleasure from our 2021 festival programme. You can look forward to great works by Josquin des Prez in this, the 500th anniversary of his death, as well as sassy a cappella comedy, exquisite vocal pop, romantic songs, award-winning barbershop melodies, and music from the golden era of the Spanish Renaissance. It goes without saying that the vocal skills of this year’s artists can overcome any distance as they spread the joy of a cappella singing!


Best wishes,

amarcord and the a cappella team