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The a cappella festival has become a permanent fixture in Leipzig’s musical calendar and also attracts a large number of guests to the city, which during the festival becomes the stronghold of a cappella singing. The audience’s enthusiasm for the festival and the competition is always a great experience and motivates us to maintain and develop this project in economically difficult times. These efforts are underpinned by clear facts and figures from our annual market research survey on a cappella Leipzig. In addition to top marks regarding the organization and nature of the festival, the survey also verifies that the communication concept is geared to the target group, who in turn pay close attention to both the a cappella PR campaign and the project’s partners.



Festival partners in different categories use the festival’s wide variety of communication tools to showcase themselves.


Concert partners choose a single concert and its communication opportunities to put their message across.


Pool sponsors use specifically selected individual opportunities of the festival for their communication.


Media partners offer and use exchange with the festival based on their own particular services.


Main sponsors use individual forms of communication of the festival to a limited extent or expect no services at all in return.


Ticket partners use the entire festival or individual concerts as a tool for customer loyalty.


Advertising partners advertise in the various editions of the festival flyer for different distribution areas in order to tap our target group. Distribution and dispatch allow exclusive positioning. The high degree of attention paid to the extensive, extremely high-quality content of the festival magazine is repeatedly confirmed by our market research surveys.






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