Singing is something which is encountered everywhere and at all times. It’s a basic human need – and a global language. The voice is the most familiar instrument that we have because it’s something individual that we all possess – and at the same time it’s the most universal instrument with which we can communicate. A cappella singing in an ensemble – a small group of people singing in which everyone has their own part and without any instrumental accompaniment – is probably the purest, yet also the most versatile and sophisticated form of singing together.


The aim behind the a cappella Leipzig International Festival of Vocal Music is to demonstrate this art to its full extent. In several concerts (and special events) during the festival’s short duration, a cappella singing is showcased in its various styles, facets and traditions from around the world on suitable stages. As well as contemporary, current and innovative forms, largely unknown (in these parts) and even totally overlooked traditions and varieties of ensemble singing can be heard. Both renowned and highly influential as well as extraordinarily ambitious and authentic young ensembles are invited to appear alongside singers who rarely perform in this part of the world. They all sing with the highest level of technical precision and with astonishing interpretational skills, and are often quite simply the very best in their own particular field.






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Experienced singers and newcomers, young and old, from far and near come together at a cappella to discover, enjoy and debate the inexhaustible possibilities of the enormous cultural treasure of singing together.


Last but not least, several aspects of the festival are specifically targeted at young artists. The International A CAPPELLA Contest affiliated to the festival and its various activities are intended to give lasting training, inspiration and support to young a cappella singers. The competition shares the festival’s goal of championing vocal music with commitment and dedication.

This high-quality mix lends a different but equally consistent character to the festival every time it is held – and lastingly reinforces the vocal music scene. The Leipzig festival is regarded by performers as an elevating experience and is supported by a wide audience with great interest and sustained appreciation.


With its busy, well-balanced programme of concerts, an integrated competition for young groups, artistic and creative direction by the members of amarcord (one of Germany’s best ensembles and highly acclaimed all over the world), and its special atmosphere, a cappella is a festival which is unique both in Germany and abroad.


Out on stage and behind the scenes, a cappella is determined to be perceived as a festival which is highly professional, but also very accessible. Carefully nurtured and cultivated by amarcord on the fertile soil of Leipzig with its rich musical and commercial heritage, the a cappella festival adds colour to the city’s bustling arts scene and has acquired an international reputation as an important popular forum for ensemble singing. Receptive to new input and brimming with its own ideas, the festival is constantly expanding – yet without striving for ever-greater commercial success.