Opening concert


7pm Introduction, Taufkapelle (Baptistry)





Venue details

 Pierre de la Rue - Missa pascale


Major anniversaries currently seem to be cropping up in quick succession. That’s certainly the case in the run-up to the 19th a cappella festival. Accordingly, amarcord will be dedicating themselves at the beginning of the festival to an important quincentenary, for 2018 will be the 500th anniversary of the death of Franco-Flemish Renaissance composer Pierre de la Rue. Some of his extensive, significant works (which include over 30 masses) have already featured in performances and recordings by amarcord. They’ll be singing ‘Missa pascale’ in his honour – a cantus firmus mass for Easter Sunday. They’ll also be presenting Gregorian chorales based on the mass and a few striking motets by Pierre de la Rue.


Formed: 1992



Wolfram Lattke - tenor

Robert Pohlers - tenor

Frank Ozimek - baritone

Daniel Knauft - bass

Holger Krause - bass







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