30 April





Streamed concert from St. Thomas Church

IN AETERNUM – 500th anniversary of the death of Josquin des Préz 

Opening Concert





Introduction: 7pm – Church hall




St. Thomas Church


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Franco-Flemish vocal polyphony reached its peak with the work of a man who was courted by princes and music publishers, esteemed by contemporaries such as Martin Luther, and respected by fellow composers and singers like no other: Josquin des Préz, darling of the gods. The way in which he managed to combine contrapuntal arts with verbal expression, technique with art, the intellect with the heart was unmatched. During the Opening Concert of a cappella 2021 devoted to Josquin’s Marian masses and motets, amarcord will be paying tribute to a composer whose work moved people – and at the same time aimed at eternity.


Formed: 1992



Wolfram Lattke – tenor

Robert Pohlers – tenor

Frank Ozimek – baritone

Daniel Knauft – bass

Holger Krause – bass






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