WindSingers & Aba Taano


Hungary & Uganda


7pm: Introduction

In cooperation with Kunstkraftwerk

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Old Gospel & New Swing

The Prize-Winners’ Concert at the International a cappella Contest in Leipzig couldn’t be more vibrant! On the one hand, the WindSingers from Hungary will be on stage. They’re an ensemble renowned for their creative exploration of jazz and their outstanding sound who aren’t afraid of experimental a cappella. And then there’s Aba Taano from Uganda singing gospel and traditional songs from their homeland with enormous naturalness and a big heart to match. Their popularity last year was underlined by the fact that they won the Audience Award. Look forward to an evening of intense a cappella featuring two groups with huge potential!


Formed: 2008



Harriet Nabbaale - soprano
Derrick Ssenteza - bass
Morris Kamogga - bass
Patrick Mukisa Nkugwa - tenor
Louis Mayanja - bass



Formed: 2011



Zsófia Anna Fedor - soprano
Dóra Vers - soprano
Hanna Törőcsik - alto
Martón Nagy-György - tenor
Viktor Magyaróvári - bass





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