Professor Michael Fuchs


Head of the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at the University of Leipzig




Villa Thomana


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A CAPPELLA Lecture:  “Singing with all the senses: The importance of hearing, kinaesthesia and vision for the singing voice”


For some years now, as well as live performances, the interest in vocal music at a cappella has been served by workshops and lectures. Since 2013, lectures have been given by Professor Michael Fuchs, head of the Department of Phoniatry and Audiology at Leipzig University Hospital. Each year, this sought-after ENT specialist (and an erstwhile member of St Thomas’s Boys Choir) addresses a different aspect of singing and the human voice. His vivid, compact, likeable approach appeals to both top vocalists and amateur singers. In 2019, Professor Fuchs will be explaining singing in the interplay of all the human senses based on the findings of his own research into youngsters’ singing voices and related themes.






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