4 May


Musica Universalis (Clemens Goldberg)


 - cancelled -

Josquin’s Immortality





Introduction: 7pm






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Musica Universalis was founded at the instigation of musician, musicologist and author Clemens Goldberg and his Goldberg Foundation. Driven by the idea of the interdisciplinary promotion and revival of culture and music, especially from the Renaissance, Goldberg devises special concert forms which, through their dramaturgy and presentation, are intended to emphasize the music’s cultural and intellectual references. The singers in the ensemble come from distinguished Renaissance vocal groups such as Huelgas and Peñalosa. Their programme at a cappella 2021 revolves around Josquin des Prez’s ‘Chansons de Regretz’. He believed that planetary energies could be captured in music and released again during performances. Experience this almost magical concept of music now at a cappella!






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Formed: 2010



Andrea Oberparleiter – soprano
Bernd Oliver Fröhlich – tenor
Martial Pauliat – tenor
Olivier Coiffet – tenor
Romain Bockler – baritone
Joel Frederiksen – bass
Clemens Goldberg – recitation



Musica Universalis

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