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Evangelisch Refomierte Kirche (Evangelical Reformed Church)


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Voices from the forest

In 2018, we’ll be welcoming African artists again. Ndima from the Republic of the Congo is a group of musicians, singers and dancers from the Aka – a Pygmy people who live in the rainforest. Aka music is polyphonically and polyrhythmically unique and protected by UNESCO. Founded by researcher and ethnologist Sorel Eta in 2003, Ndima (‘Forest’) is the only Aka group to give concerts around the world, hence helping to preserve and raise awareness of Aka musical culture. Their songs reflect a life inextricably linked to their homeland in the rainforest and their social and religious traditions, yet also their relationship with the modern era and neighbouring peoples such as the Bantu.






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Formed: 2003


Sorel Eta Okanandok
Emilie Koule
Angélique Manongo
Michel Kossi
Gaston Motambo
David Motambo
Espérance Moundanga