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Gewandhaus zu Leipzig, Auditorium


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Then and There – Here and Now

When a cappella made its debut, Chanticleer were already a long-established legend. It was thus all the more amazing that they accepted amarcord’s invitation to appear at the festival when it was held for the second time in 1999. At this special anniversary, it’s high time for a reunion with this American group, especially as they’re now celebrating their 40th anniversary. Whether early music, traditionals, jazz or modern compositions, this 12-strong ‘Orchestra of Voices’ is familiar with all sorts of genres, as they’ll demonstrate during their performance at a cappella 2019. Come and be amazed and astounded by this American supergroup!






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Formed: 1978

Andy Berry - bass
Zachary Burgess - bass-baritone
Brian Hinman - tenor
Matthew Knickman - baritone 
Matthew Mazzola - tenor
Cortez Mitchell - countertenor
Gerrod Pagenkopf - countertenor
Kory Reid - countertenor
Alan Reinhardt - countertenor
Logan S. Shields - countertenor
Andrew van Allsburg - tenor
Adam Ward - alto