6 May




- cancelled -

Whispers of Paradise








Introduction: 7pm



St. Peter's Church


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Despite Ireland’s rich musical culture, all too rarely do we hear traditional Irish music and literature performed by vocal ensembles. Nevertheless, there are still some experts in this domain, the driving force being Anúna, a choral ensemble founded in 1987. Their leader and creative soul, Michael McGlynn, has rearranged medieval Irish folk songs and other music, and also written a number of original compositions based on Irish musical traditions. Combined with their pure, soaring sound, the group enraptures listeners at shows, on soundtracks, and naturally in concerts around the world, bringing the stories, history and even geography of the Emerald Isle to life with the ensemble’s unique sound. We can’t wait for their Leipzig debut at
a cappella 2021!


Formed: 1987


11 singers






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