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Haus Leipzig


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Although all singers use their body as well as their voice, the French Humanophones take this to a whole new level! ‘Body Pop Music’ is the name of their musical concept, in which singing and vocal acrobatics are combined with not only ‘traditional’ vocal percussion but also body percussion. These five ‘sounding bodies’ use seemingly every part of their being to produce sounds, harmonies and rhythms as they create a lively cocktail of jazz, pop and world music with a pulse revealing the roots of music and its very nature. The Humanophones’ concerts are fast-paced, energetic, enthralling affairs with plenty of humour and poetry for eyes and ears – and we can’t wait to see and hear them here!







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Formed: 1993



Cyprien Zeni - voice
Habib Julien - Bass, Beatbox
Quelen Lamouroux - body percussions & voice
Frédérika Alesina - voice
Rémi Leclerc - percussions, voice, art direction & compositions

Special Guest: Kai Kitamura, vocal percussion