The Swingles


Great Britain



7pm Introduction



Haus Leipzig


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Early Versions


When the Swingle Singers were founded in the 1960s, they gained legendary status in next to no time with their vocal jazz arrangements of compositions by J.S. Bach. In the following years, the group directed by Ward Swingle until the 1980s continued to expand their repertoire and modes of expression and are still going strong. Even though a completely new generation is now continuing the Swingles’ history, the group are still acclaimed for their exquisite vocal music. At a cappella, they’ll present a programme combining the famous Bach arrangements of their early years with pop earworms. Expect great things.






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Formed: 1963 



Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson
Federica Basile
Liz Swain
Oliver Griffiths
Jon Smith
Kevin Fox
Edward Randell