8 May




Brazil 21


Awards ceremony of the International a cappella Contest 2021 at the start of the festival concert.


Introduction: 7pm – Foyer





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There’s been distinct lack of Brazilian participants in recent years, so we’re thrilled that Ordinarius will be appearing at a cappella 2021! Performing arrangements by the ensemble’s founder Augusto Ordine, the septet sings mainly traditional songs and compositions by eminent musicians from its homeland, such as Rosa Passos, Antônio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes. Including Brazilian rhythms and vocal percussion, the members have come up with a modern a cappella take on Brazilian music. Having already toured Japan, the USA and Europe, Ordinarius will now be making their debut in Leipzig at a cappella.



Formed: 2008



Maíra Martins
Antonia Medeiros
Beatriz Coimbra
Augusto Ordine
Fabiano Salek
Matias Correa
Mateus Xavier






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