International A CAPPELLA Contest


The International A CAPPELLA Contest Leipzig will be held for the 11th time from 1 to 4 May 2019. Dedicated, outstanding young vocal groups from anywhere in the world are invited to apply to enter, and will be assessed and selected by a five-strong international jury. All groups compete in the same category, be it with or without amplification. As well as the competition itself, participation includes other activities such as attendance of both a masterclass and a seminar on the singing voice, and performing at the A CAPPELLA Showcase. The idea is to ensure that the young vocal ensembles taking part receive plenty of feedback and useful input for their future development, regardless of how they do in the competition. The A CAPPELLA Contest is open to vocal groups with between three and eight members and a maximum average age of 29. The closing date for entries for the 2019 competition is 20 January 2019.



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