Prof. Dr. Michael Fuchs

Head of the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at the University of Leipzig



Villa Thomana


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A CAPPELLA Seminar for competition participants


In addition to the A CAPPELLA Workshop conducted by a vocal music expert, the participants of the International A CAPPELLA Contest can also attend a seminar by Professor Michael Fuchs. A member of St Thomas’s Boys Choir in his youth, today Professor Fuchs is head of both the Department of Phoniatry and Audiology and the Cochlear Implant Centre at Leipzig University Hospital.

The seminar will give the ensembles an overview of the mechanisms by which a voice is controlled. Particular attention will be paid to the interaction between listening, specific physical sensations for the voice (such as muscle tension and mucosal condition) and regulatory processes in the brain. In addition, participants can talk to Professor Fuchs about any vocal problems they have and receive highly useful practical tips.


Open to contestants only






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