In 1987, Dublin composer Michael McGlynn founded Anúna. The ensemble’s name, originally An Uaithne, derives from the collective term for the three ancient types of Irish music Suantraí (lullaby), Geantraí (happy song) and Goltraí (lament). While most of the performers in Anúna come from the island of Ireland, the group’s members are drawn from across the world. The music they perform is composed primarily by Michael McGlynn, and includes reconstructions of medieval song from Ireland and traditional arrangements. Anúna perform live with twelve singers, and are equally at home in an amplified theatrical setting or an unamplified concert hall. While the group’s atmospheric stage performance still enthralls listeners across the world after over thirty years, it is the unique sound the ensemble make that continues to bring new audiences to see Anúna. Despite numerous changes of personnel, their collective voice retains its power and ability to connect with people all over the planet.