As the 2012 world champions of barbershop, Ringmasters blend their awesome virtuosity with the infectious energy of pop music. Their vibrant shows take you from barbershop classics, to Swedish choral music, through Simon and Garfunkel to the Beatles and Elvis Presley.

The quartet grew out of the rich soil of Swedish choir tradition. Throughout grade school, all four members attended Adolf Fredrik’s Music School, Sweden’s most renowned choir school. They all then made the natural transition into Stockholm Music Gymnasium, and today all four are members of at least one top choir.

Having stumbled across barbershop harmony in a Simpsons episode, they realized it offered a chance to compete in ensemble singing. This spurred them to train vigorously, with the ambition to reach the very top. With the coaching of barbershop legend Doug Harrington, they won the International Collegiate Contest in Nashville in 2008, after barely two years together as a group. In 2009 they placed fourth in the world in Anaheim, and a year later they shook Philadelphia with the mind-blowing arrangements by David Harrington, and they climbed to third. Finally in Portland in 2012, Ringmasters was recognized as the best barbershop quartet in the world. And the first non-American group ever to win that contest.

In between winning medals, the four singers have honed their craft by featuring as the house quartet on two separate cruise ships, first in the Caribbean, and later in the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean. Forced to churn out shows night after night they learnt how to own a stage, no matter how late they had stayed in the bar the night before.
Winning the gold meant some big tours in America in the coming years, where memorable performances like the Bells of Notre Dame Medley, with over a million views on YouTube, has gotten the attention of the entire a capella world. In later years Ringmasters have been touring a lot in Germany thanks to the cooperation with their agency Magenta, but you can expect them to pop up in many places around the world, keep a lookout on the website or on their social media platforms!