30 Years of Hardcore A Cappella

April 24, 2022, 8:00 pm

The ‘Metro Inspectors’ are living legends in the German a cappella scene. Their sharp, funny, ingenious shows and songs have helped shape a cappella comedy in Germany and set the bar high. Officially, the quintet retired in 2009, only occasionally coming out of the woodwork for the occasional performance in their homeland, Hesse. But they clearly couldn’t resist the call of the a cappella Festival, and so in April 2022 – almost exactly 30 years after their very first appearance – the five cult bards will be performing in Leipzig for the second time! Poised somewhere between genius and satire, songcraft and self-mockery, the quintet will make for a memorable evening and let rip with their ‘Hardcore A Cappella’ as if they’d never been away