April 24, 2022, 3:00 pm

We’ve seen quite a bit of a cappella comedy at the festival’s Family Concerts in recent years. Can it possibly be topped at this year’s a cappella? We’re afraid it will! After all, the ‘Metro Inspectors in Frozen Women’s Dresses’ (to translate their bizarre German name) are like no other vocal group. Having caused a commotion from the word go when they first began in 1992, they remain something of a cult group. With frequent costume changes, and putting everything from Maya the Bee to Rage Against the Machine through the a cappella mincer, this ensemble from the region of Hesse never fail to open up a barrel of laughs on stage with their sensational songs and endless wry humour. And at the a cappella Festival, the old Duracell bunnies of the genre will even be giving a Family Concert! Heaven knows where it will all lead!